November 30, 2014




If you’re an iPad user with young kids and you haven’t heard about OSMO yet, which planet have you been on?

Making use of a unique periscope like mirror system attached over the front camera of your iPad (2 and above, Minis included), it allows for interaction with the application by doing things (arranging shapes, writing, drawing, etc) at the area just infront of the iPad’s screen. Designed primarily for kids, the technology uses the front camera to scan objects, shapes and even well defined drawn outlines in real time back into the application which can then alter the way the application runs.

The Newton game for exaple, requires kids to get balls dropping from the top of the screen to hit a particular target. The kids can put objects or draw lines in the space infront of the iPad (on a piece of paper of course!) and the line or object will be scanned (very roughly) into the game and the balls will bounce, or roll off the shape.

There is also Tangram, which challenges the player to form predefined designs using solid colored shapes (part of the set). Words is a fun way for kids to learn spelling by forming the words using square pieces with letters (also part of the set) depicting the picture shown on the iPad. You can even upload your own pictures and create your own game for your kids.

I got a set for Hayden during their launch period for about S$80 and its been a hit – he loves Newton and Tangram and I think he is almost done with all the Tangram designs. The system is safe and easy enough for him to setup on his own without an adult present too.

If you’ve got young kids, check the website out and get one, your kids will love it and folks won’t be bugging you about kids with iPads not learning anything useful!


OSMO have just released a new app called ‘Masterpiece’ – a drawing application using the OSMO system thats pretty fun! Check it out here.

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