April 6, 2014

BioSlax Is Dead



Yes – you heard right!

After months and months of testing, contemplating over switching to Porteus and waiting for Tomas to come up with a new version of Slax, I decided it just wasn’t worth doing anymore. I had been trying to use Tomas’ Linux Live Scripts to make a modular Ubuntu, which would at least give us the option of having a software repository with apt-get, but the Linux Live Scripts just didn’t work with Debian (even though Tomas claims they do). The methods of making a live media Ubuntu were all not modular and proceeding with that would actually be a regression, considering we had come from a non-modular live cd to a fully modular Slax. The decisions of the kernal contributors to do away with bootsplash in preference of Frame Buffer also meant very little customizations to the look and feel. Given all that and the effective size and cost of thumbdrives these days which can hold a fully installed Linux, and be booted from almost any modern system, I figured there was no point carrying on with BioSlax.

Its been a great run and I learned a whole lot creating it, (the lessons have been extremely useful in other projects), but for now, BioSlax development is shutdown.

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